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Trailblazing in the E-Assessment space

Rowan van Dyk

July 10, 2021

Minute Read

Transfer of knowledge is about making sure they learn something. Not just teaching them the knowledge, but actually ensuring they learnt something. That is where assessment comes in and with all the LMS and LXP's around today, P4P is the only platform out there that solely focuses on the evaluation and the actual assessment to ensure, hence the question - did the learning take place?

No more chasing after lever arch files anymore and a digital footprint of every assessment criteria been rated and comments from learner and Assessor as well as digitally tracking all feedback and support/ coaching offered.

In this video, Rowan van Dyk owner of DNL Training shares his experience in using P4P and why Passion4Performance enables the e-Assessment & e-Portfolios whilst remaining within Governance with the SETA, QCTO and ETQA policies.

P4P's co-founder Darryn Van Den Berg has spent 7 years developing the system. Darryn is a seasoned Assessor and he has built the technology to meet the needs of the #SAQA outcomes-based assessment landscape.

DNL Training takes Outcomes-based Moderation practices and quality assurance very seriously as a registered Exit Verifier/ External Moderator for the FoodBev Manufacturing SETA Rowan is adamant about ensure high quality of training DNL Training also trains ODETDP programmes as part of their qualification scope through ETDP SETA. DNL Training was recently approved in a FoodBev SETA verification audit and the e-Assessment concept was accepted as the way forward for providers.

It is time that you and our organization also changed to Digital Assessment, e-Assessment and ePortfolios. When will you migrate to digital assessment enabling e-Assessment & e-Portfolios for your learning programmes - ask me how?